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For all the people who are looking for a real work from home gig, either part-time or full-time, I found this which I want to share.  You do need a computer and Internet, but other than that, (and yes a small start-up fee), once you have your website set, you can work as much or little as you want.

There are weekly payouts, and direct deposit is an option.  As stated in the title, the best part is there is passive and residual income, which is kind of like compounding interest!

I like that the company did all the work (lots of custom website links, which you can use for advertising, along with training videos and mentors to help out.

So, check it out, if you are looking to increase your income, and be your own boss. Maybe it is time for a new change in 2018!


Dream Lifestyle

Link in Italian:  Vita da sogno

Link in Russian:  Жизнь – мечта

Link in Spanish: La vida soñada






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Check out this cool short story….

Source: https://wordsbymgo.wordpress.com/



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So, My son is way far away attending College. I ask him for a Christmas list, and I finally get this e-mail from him:

Hey Madre!

Sorry for getting this to you so late. I’ve been kinda somewhat busy studying for finals and murderizing zombies with my bros here, haha. I know Christmas is fast upon us so I figure it’s about time I send you some stuff I want. Here’s what I would consider to be a modest list of assorted items I want. However, in reality, it’s not so modest:

DJ controller:




(I’ll note that I’ve showed Padre some of these things and I’m not entirely sure what he is or is not getting me yet. I have not told anyone such as Grandma what I want, but I’ll make sure to keep items on your list separate from theirs. Except maybe the dj controller, that thing’s 500 bucks. Perhaps you can collaborate with Padre or someone to make it happen. Love ya)

This shirt in Navy:


(The story behind the shirt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoQUR0Lun6U )

And maybe this just for the fun of it:


More food gift cards are always nice as well!!!

Much love,

Your son 🙂

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So, What is the problem?

I mean….what are you scared of? Liberty, Freedom? The Pursuit of happiness? I mean really….you would think this country is ashamed of these long-life liberties that are ordained to each and every one of us!

If you listen to what Obama and the democrats say….making a profit is bad. Someone making a profit, utilizing the free enterprise system. Why is it so bad? To make profits, and succeed? I just do not understand their logic.

That is what separates us from the REST OF THE WORLD. Think of it. We allow people to start up a small business, and with capitalism…the result is growth! What is better than growing a business and expanding? How do you think McDonald’s or Wendy’s grew to be such a huge success? By expanding and growing to other states, and even expanding to other countries!

Do not be fooled by those who try to scare you into subservience…..yes…you do not want to owe ANYTHING TO ANYONE. Trust me….I know.

Be self-sufficient…and fight for what is right. You will appreciate yourself in the end.


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Father’s day is soon approaching, and will be on Sunday June 19th. I’ve decided that there just aren’t very many good gift ideas, so I did some research for some unusual gifts.

I know if my dad were still alive, he would be thrilled to receive any of the following gifts shown below (well, he might not like the stuffed unicorn). But hey! These are fun and wacky gifts to give dad to show your appreciation for all he does!

So, forget the usual “tie” gift, and check out these neat and nifty gifts!

Dad's dream chainsaw

Every dad needs a chainsaw (unless he lives in the desert)…..so, why not make it flashy and artistic!


My dad loved food….he was a happy jolly man with a big belly to prove it! If you have a lot of time, maybe bake dad this cute owl, and tiny owl babies to munch on. Yum!

Or, if your dad is a health freak, and he would rather eat raw fish, try making him some cute hello kitty sushi! Fun!


If dad is having a bad day, he might need to carry his flask with him….

Dad works hard at the office, I’m sure he could use a cute bear USB port and clock to cheer him up!


If dad is a beer drinker, he could really use a cute DJ kitty bottle opener!


Finally, I put the unicorn pillow as a possible gift, as well, just look at that silly face….it will put a smile on dad’s face for sure.


Please let me know what you plan to get your dad for father’s day, and remember…..he does NOT want a tie.

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Over Spring Break, we decided to get away for a few days. I am lucky as I get to pick where to go. I tend to find obscure and off the beaten-path type of places. I think my husband is embarrassed to tell his co-workers where we will go, as he usually does not disclose what we will do, unless someone asks him what his plans are.

I have several web sites I like to check out for vacations, and one of my favorites is www.familygetaway.com. , and their sister company, http://www.luxurylink.com/.

I found an auction for three nights, at the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The pictures were beautiful, a remote area, nestled in the Ozark Mountains. One can read over the “guest reviews” and make an informed decision if they want to either bid or buy-now on a package deal. The great thing is, if you lose a bid, or don’t have time to bid, you can utilize the “buy now” feature.

I like the package deals they offer on the web-site, as they usually include breakfasts, tickets for local sightseeing tours, and a dinner voucher, along with the room. I don’t like to pay for extras, I like the all-inclusive deals that can be purchased, as usually you save some money if you get “the package deal”.

Here are some pictures from their site:

The 1886 Crescent Hotel.....in summer.

When considering where to go for a vacation, I like to find somewhere I have never been. Fortunately, I am not afraid to meet new people, and find it interesting to experience all kinds of different cultures and food, and believe me, there are many different cultures within the borders of the U.S.

The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, sits on top of Crescent Mountain, overlooking the town named Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It is listed as a Historic Hotel in the National Trust For Historic Preservation, and the chateau-like structure has served as a luxury hotel, all girls school, and a cancer hospital, run by a phony doctor.

Just to clarify, we didn’t actually sleep in the hotel, but rather, stayed in one of their “cottages”, which, of course is more modern.

A "cotage" at the Crescent

Living room in the cottage.

The wrap around patio

From past experience, I have learned that it is better to “sleep” in a more modern building, and then experience the “historical” part of it during the day (read my paranormal experience in New Orleans and you will understand why…..I am a person who needs my sleep….lets leave it at that).

 An added bonus, it just so happens that the Crescent is also considered one of the most haunted hotels in America!

Read more: Ghosts of 1886 Crescent Hotel: Haunted Chateau Spa Resort in Eureka Springs Arkansas

 Our package included the “ghost tour”, a video of “Ghost Hunters”, and t-shirts, along with the breakfast each day of our stay.

It seemed like a fun spring break getaway!  Here are some pictures from our “ghost tour”:

Orbs....down the staircase where a little girl fell to her death.

I felt kind of stupid taking pictures at random places, as we were instructed by our tour guide to take pictures, and look for orbs.  Well, sure enough…looking back at the pictures I had taken….there were orbs!

Another orb

A frequently haunted guest room....more orbs.

Downstairs near the hotel's spa (and walkway to the morgue) in days past....orbs!

There are four ghosts who have been observed by both staff and guests and their sightings are well documented over an extended period of time. These include Michael, a Irish stone mason who died in a construction accident in 1886 when the hotel was being built; a nurse who is seen pushing a gurney on the second floor; a young woman who is thought to have committed suicide; and a man in formal dress.

I did personally experience a strange thing while registering/signing the guest book. I finished signing, and placed the pen in the book, when it flew off the page and landed on the floor. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but just in that instant, my husband walked up and said to me, “That was weird”, he had watched the whole thing!

In the lobby of the hotel has a very old pipe organ, (which they mention in the tour guide), and it is very beautiful.

It is called the “Welte Philharmonic Salon Model 4” and was made around 1912. It is 10 1/2′ tall, 8′ wide, 4′ deep. It has about 250 pipes plus percussion.

It is one of three of this model still known to exist. The other two are in museums in Germany and Japan. One of the others was intended for the Titanic and the builder, Mr. Welte, was to accompany it on the maiden voyage, however the organ wasn’t done in time so both the organ and Mr. Welte luckily missed that fateful voyage.

After our “ghost tour” we decided to relax by the fire in the lobby, and listen to the other tours going on (people watch).  Sometimes you just have to slow down and take it all in.

My husband relaxing in the lobby.

The grand fireplace

I love this chair...and want to take it home.

It would be a travesty if I did not mention that the Crescent has resident cats (two now), but had one that the owner in the early 1990’s really loved, named Morris (yes, an orange tabby).

Here is the tombstone of Morris, and yes, he is buried on the property of the hotel.

Morris's tombstone

Morris's portrait in the lobby.....what a fine looking feline indeed!

The current resident cats, Casper and Jasper, are friendly felines who come and go as they please, as the hotel has a cat-door installed at the back door (out to the lovely gardens), for them.  You may find them lounging on the couches or chairs in the lobby, or find them out in the garden, hunting and playing as we observed several times.

Eureka Springs is one of the premier destinations in the central United States for the arts, and has been recognized by major organizations across the country. It has been designated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as one of America’s “Dozen Distinctive Destinations” and has been selected as an America in Bloom national awards winner.

A destination of choice for artists since the 1800’s, Eureka Springs is currently home to over two hundred working artists and more than twenty art galleries.  For a listing of visual artists, visit:


St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church was built in 1906, and its unique characteristic is that to enter the church, one does so through the bell tower.  This is the view from the Crescent Hotel’s back yard gardens.

St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church

While drive through downtown Eureka Springs, I spotted humpdy dumpty…..still sitting on the wall….

Humpdy Dumpty....before the "great fall" I presume.

Our trip was short, but we did manage to relax a little, and “enjoy life” slowed down.  Sometimes visiting small towns is a good thing.  Especially since there isn’t a lot of traffic to deal with.

I would like to go back during the summer, to see the greenery and colors of all the flowers.  It isn’t too far from where we are, so there is no excuse not to return.

I do miss my “personal” chef….who would cook an omlette according to my instructions, while I watched and waited patiently…..oh I miss vacationing!

For more information on the hotel, please see the following:


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My 16 year old son is a big-time X-box 360 gamer. For those of you out there who don’t know any better, this is how teenage boys spend their free time with their friends. They can play video games “online” and talk with each other, plan, make teams, etc….while battling Natzi-zombies (Call of Duty Black Ops), or other evil disgusting things. The graphics in these games are light-years beyond the days of playing “Atari’s” pong.

Anyway, from time to time, my son will come and get me to watch something he says is, “so awesome”. I will stop what I am doing, as this IS our quality time (when he wants to share something with me). I go into his game-room, plop down on the couch and try to decipher what is happening on the TV screen. I usually have no clue what I am watching, or what I am supposed to be looking for, so I ask him for a quick update to clue me in.

Usually, his idea of “awesome”, and mine are quite different. He likes killing everything, especially the zombies….the bloodier the better. Me on the other hand, I don’t like gory stuff, so I usually don’t watch those excerpts for very long.

Tonight was different, he comes into the room, “Mom, you have to come see this” He’s laughing between his talking. “This is hilarious…you have to come see it.”

“Ok, what is it?”

“I’m trying this new game….Techno Kitten Adventure.”

“What?” I can hear some crazy techno-music playing. “Ok, sure, I have to see this.”

I follow him to the game-room, he starts the game…..it looks like an eight-year old made this game….and it is really funny. A cat is flying through the air with a jetpack on its back….you have to guide it pass obstacles, while things fly towards it from the psychedelic sky/background. When you die (or rather when kitty dies), it falls and breaks into pieces…while meowing as it falls.

It really is hilarious….that made my evening.

The Best Game Ever!!!

Description of the game:

Navigate a kitten by jetpack, fueled by hopes and dreams, through a fantastical world of techno music. Featuring DJ Hixxy’s Sea of Love …

Screen shot 1

  • Release date: 9/6/2010
  • Developer: xMONOx
  • Genre: Music


  • Offline players 1
  • Dolby Digital

Screen shot 2....of kitty's awesome adventure!

I just love the part of the description that kitty is fueled by “Hopes and dreams”.  Do kittens have hopes and dreams?

Wow….it is so awesome!

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