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Mother’s Day actually made me sad this year…..I never thought it would affect me this way.  Of course, most things that affect us, we  believe we are ready for and our expectations of them are waaaaaaay off .  But isn’t that how life is?  We have thought out in our minds how things are supposed to happen, and we also believe that we are capable of handling things that are unexpected or when the inevitable happens, well, we just assume we can deal with it.

Well…..”poof”!  Just like that my little boy was transformed from a sweet little pooh bear, to a young man!  How did that happen!!!  I miss my little “pooh bear”.

Here is a picture of my “baby” after his first swim lesson at the YMCA.     Isn’t he the cutest baby swimmer you have ever seen?  For those of you who don’t know….when teaching a baby how to swim….it is kind of barbaric…..they teach you to blow into their face so they close their eyes (and hopefully close their mouth), then you dunk them under water.   Come to think of it….sounds worse than water-boarding….but that’s a different subject that will need to be discussed at a later time.

16 months old, first swim lesson, getting water out of ears....NOT happy.

Back to my “mother’s lament”.  I felt so bad that day……dunking him into the water….over and over….the poor kid must have thought I was trying to kill him!

Well, eventually he realized we weren’t trying to kill him, and he flourished as a happy, smart, and normal child….as you can see by this picture of him with the turtle he found in our flower garden (while helping mom pull weeds probably).

Fortunately…..he wasn’t traumatized by the swim lessons as a baby…..and turned out to like it! (Maybe he figured he had better adapt to this “water” thing as it wasn’t going away), but anyway….he wanted to be on the swim team in school in Jr. High….and continued on into high school.

Here is a picture of him this last summer…..competing…..

His best event is the “Breaststroke”, and here he is  doing just that………

I’m kind of upset with him as he tells me our pool isn’t big enough….or rather long enough….( he wants an olympic sized pool…..and ours is just doesn’t cut it….spoiled).

Well, he started his first job yesterday…..as a Lifeguard at the high school pool where he swims everyday…..he is driving, working, and hopefully finding out what he will want to do with his life…..while being a sophmore in high school.  I hope and pray he will do something he really loves…..as that is so important in life.  If you don’t like what you do….what is the use?

I miss my little boy….but am proud that he has turned into such a wonderful person!

He has many colleges that are soliciting him for  attendance to their institution…..I keep telling him he has no idea how lucky he is to “decide” which one he wants to go to.  A consolidation for me is that I have raised someone who will hopefully make a difference in the world, and be happy while doing it!

But…..I still miss my little pooh bear.

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So, I happened to see the news about the “air traffic” mishap of allowing a child to direct traffic, and that made me think of when I (not as young as the child in todays news), as a teenager, somehow got permission to go into the air traffic tower to take pictures for my high school photography class.

I’m trying to figure out exactly how I did that, because as I recall  it wasn’t really a big deal back then.   I called up the “tower” and said, “Hey, I would like to come out and take pictures from the tower for a photo project”, and I believe the controller just said, “Sure, stop on by”.

Bear in mind, I didn’t get to do any cool stuff like “direct traffic”, but I remember thinking….wow, they’re going to let me hang out up there and see a view not many people get to experience.   I seem to recall they said I could drop by anytime too.

So anyway, when you take a photography class (like darkroom development in the old days…this was that kind), there were several assignments such as shooting a photogram, a live animal, scenery, still life, action (freeze), action (pan), a building, formal portrait, sunset or sunrise, and finally what this one was for, a night scene.  It was a very interesting class, and I had fun getting  “subjects” for my assignments.  Surprisingly, I found out most people were more than willing to comply.

I bet that child will have good memories….as long as her dad doesn’t get in too much trouble.

So, here are my old photos that I took  from the Air traffic tower in Anchorage, Ak.   Enjoy.

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I’m going to go out and play.

Why don’t more people enjoy the day?  I just don’t get it.  When I was a kid……I would go outside whenever possible…..didn’t matter what the weather was….just being out in the open, alone, in the clean air…..total silence….was like dying and going to heaven.

I guess the world became too congested and complicated.

I’m one of those “weird” people who actually likes being alone.  I’ve noticed that I become a real bitch to deal with when I don’t get my “alone” time.  When I am bombarded with people, technology….it really wears on my soul.  I have to get away….and be alone.

The sad thing is…….. it is only going to get worse (especially with all the influx of illegals….popping out babies like there is no tomorrow).  Well, that is another thing to discuss at a later time.

So…..go enjoy the day….alone or not.

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