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I was tired of reading all the negative reasons for winning a huge lottery (such as tonight’s soon to be historic event), and decided I needed to make a list of why it would be “good” to win such a huge amount of money.  So, I have compiled a list, which of course you have to keep in mind, would probably be a “woman’s” idea of living life to the fullest.

Also, I need to disclose that  I did not take much time to come up with this list, so it is probably kind of lame.

1)  I need a new wardrobe.  What woman doesn’t?  I need to go to several of those “designer” shows and buy something horrid, that I would only wear once (if that).  Something like this:

What can I say…..it is ugly.

2) I need some shoes to go with the dress.

Of course….they should not match the dress.

3)  I need a new hairdo.  Something that shows I am not afraid to “be myself”, even if I look like I am standing under a mushroom.  Or maybe I am a mushroom…..you decide.

It is all the rage…..

4)  I will need to go get all kinds of Plastic surgery, so that everyone I know will not recognize me at all.  I will try to become  like a brunette Barbie doll.

Oh yeah……..I’m hot!

5)  After all that “self-improvement”, I will need to set up my household  and hire someone to do all those mundane tasks that I really don’t like doing:

What can I say….we all hate to do this stuff.

6)  I will have to get someone to “live-in” and do even more mundane tasks:

Nothing makes you feel like you are wasting your life away than going grocery shopping.

7)  After all that, it is time to gallivant around Europe and discover some medieval towns.  I will dine outdoors, and people watch.  Oh life will be good!

A medieval town in Southern France.

8)  I will take my son to Italy to experience the BEST ice cream in the world…..you know it!  Gelato!

Italian Ice Cream…..mmmm…the BEST!

9)  We will of course stop to experience  Tuscany.


10)  While wandering around Europe, we stumble upon this wonderful little castle, which I just “have to have”.

I may need to hire more help for this.

11)  We will indulge in the BEST food…..oh man.


12)  None of this will happen.  Of course I am only wishing, dreaming, as I can’t even purchase these tickets where I live.

I’m probably better off.  I have decided I would have looked like a duck after purchasing all those stupid things.

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In the quest to be perfect and gorgeous, the beauty industry keeps pushing the envelope, by coming up with even more bizarre products for women to spend money on and “try” to achieve perfection.



The company, Allergan has discovered that the same formula that is in an eye drop that is used to treat glaucoma, has the side effect of providing long thick eyelashes.

To have these wonderful lush lashes will cost you $120 per month, or about $4 per day. And since women spend roughly $5 billion a year on mascara….this is the biggest thing in the beauty world since Botox!


What is the name of this wonderful new product? “Latisse.”


Here is a funny foreign advertisement  for  “fake lashes”:


What?  Eyes  have God????



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So, I found this old advertisement for “vitamins”, that gave housewives “super energy”………. and it it hilarious.

I’m thinking, “I need those vitamins”, as it seems I just don’t have the energy to  “shampoo the carpet, give the dog a bath, clean out the garage, go through all the closets and get rid of extra “stuff”, clean the baseboards, dust the lamps and fans, weed the flower gardens….all that besides the everyday stuff of cooking, cleaning, laundry,and basic pick up and put away things that everyone else didn’t put away.”

Oh....the good ol' days!

What do you suppose was in those vitamins?  I’m sure today they are “illegal”…..oh well.

Any thoughts?



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I believe the following should be evidence enough to close the debate about allowing or NOT allowing Sharia Law to be practiced in the U.S.


Here is a pictorial which shows the difference between a Muslim Country and the United States.


A typical scene in the U.S. :




A typical scene in a Muslim country:



Now, I know men are “visual” animals by nature, so…..if you think about it, do you really want American women to be walking around like this?


France Today....the Muslim population is growing and taking over Europe.

Yeah…..NO, just as I thought.  Of course you don’t want that to happen here!


Honestly, I don’t believe American women would allow that either.  Why? Well, as any man knows, we love our clothes and shoes, and all the accessories that goes along with our wardrobe.


We refuse to be subject to the following limited choices:


Any thoughts?



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My random information for today.….. there is a new cream to help remove facial hair!

This is for the ladies, however I don’t see why men can’t use this either (but you have to ask your doctor and get a prescription for this wonderful new cream).

The prescription is called Vaniqa (eflornithine hydrochloride) Cream, 13.9% and it:

  • Is FDA approved & dermatologist recommended.
  • Works for women of all ethnicities and skin types.
  • Works by reducing the rate of hair growth, so over time you should be using your current method of hair removal less frequently.

How does it work?

It works during the growth stage of the hair cycle by blocking an enzyme in the follicle that is necessary for hair to grow.

For more information visit this site: www.vaniqa.com or see your doctor.

Hope this was helpful……or not.

Photo woman with facial hair: thebeautybrains.com

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"Mad Anne"

So, I’m a book lover, and have my own “library” room which is packed with many books on a variety of subjects. It has come in handy on many occasions when my son has come home and said to me…. “oh mom…I need to do a report on such and such…I have to use some book references….my teacher says you can’t use only the Internet for sources”.

Many of my books I acquired because the local High school was “discarding” what they considered to be old and out- of- date books.  I barely looked at most of them, I just grabbed whatever sounded interesting, and when I got home, they were quickly transferred to my bookshelves.

Anyway, I was looking over my collection, when I noticed one with the title, “American Nicknames”, while paging through it, I found that it provides nicknames referring to people, places, buildings, objects of life, religious and political organizations…..this book is a treasure trove of information!

At first glance, it seems boring, as everything is alphabetized just like a dictionary. I didn’t make it very far when I noticed the name, “Anne Hennis Trotter Bailey”, and what caught my attention was her nickname, “Mad Anne”. Well, I have to read about this person who gets this odd nickname!

So, here is an excerpt about “Mad Anne”:

Mrs. Anne Hennis Trotter Bailey was often designated Mad Anne by the settlers of Gallipolis, Ohio, and by the frontiersmen on the adjacent Virginia border because her unconventionality and her courage at times seemed to border on madness.

After Mrs. Trotter’s husband, Richard Trotter, had been killed in 1774 during an Indian raid, Mrs. Trotter dressed in men’s clothes, and joined a band of soldiers on the Kanawha River at the present site of Charleston, West Virginia, hoping to avenge the death of her husband.

When the Revolutionary War broke out, she inspired a great number of men to join the Continental Army. She became an expert in the use of firearms, and was invaluable as a messenger between the forts and in securing ammunition and supplies for these garrisons.

Because she was so unconventional in her dress and in engaging in the activities of war, she was considered to be abnormal or insane and was called Mad Anne.

She was born in Liverpool, England, around 1742, and died at Gallipolis (now Ohio), on November 22, 1825.

I bet she was a hoot in her day and time, no wonder they thought she was crazy….women wearing pants!

Sketches from “Anne Bailey, Frontier Scout” by Mary R. Furber, Morgan Reynolds Publishing, Inc., Greensboro, NC.

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