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Aye, today is Talk like a Pirate day!  (September 19th) So, to annoy your friends and family, I have a couple of web sites to aid you in your “talking pirate”.  If you don’t have time to celebrate today, you may also celebrate for several days after (kind of like how they celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans…..all week long).

Pirate translator:


Pirate glossary:


Time t’celebrate ye scallywag!

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I’m sure you have heard of numerology, the belief in a mystical  relationship between numbers and  physical objects and or living things.  But the number nine holds a special reverence in many cultures to hold special meaning, power, or luck.

Nine is the highest single-digit number, and it symbolizes completeness as the end of a cycle before returning to the number one.

Also, in early Chinese mythology, the number nine was very common, such as nine fields of heaven and nine songs of heaven.

The center of Beijing has eight roads leading to the ninth, the city center.

The Forbidden City has 9,999 rooms.

Nine dragons are found on the emperor’s throne.

Nine mythical animals are found throughout the palace and temple buildings.

In other cultures such as Egypt, nine was very important to the religious and cosmological order.

To the Hebrews, the ninth letter of their alphabet is Tet, which symbolizes completeness.

In Christianity, hell has nine gates and is divided into nine sections.  At the opposite spectrum, there are nine choirs of angels in heaven.  Also, Christ died at the ninth hour.

Regarding life cycles, the human gestation period is nine months, and cats are said to have nine lives.  There are nine judges on the Supreme Court, and nine players on a baseball team.

Basically, the number nine is a universal symbol that has much  influence throughout many different cultures.  It stands alone in its importance.

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So I leave you with this question, if you believe in luck or lucky numbers, what is your number and why?

Lucky Numbers by Adam McCauley


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