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So the President, the Democrats and Republicans met, in front of cameras, for the whole world to watch their discussion and debate over the health care bill that Obama wants so badly to pass.  It was just what I expected it to be….a dog and pony show.  The Republicans were once again treated like the poor step-child…didn’t get as much time to talk and discuss their concerns or their input, and certainly were NOT treated with much respect.  Once again, arrogance was oozing from the Democrats and Obama.

Obama stated that this health care bill was constructed by members from both sides of the aisle……a total lie!

I have decided that Obama is a compulsive liar.

When it comes to compulsive liars, says Charles Ford, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Alabama Birmingham, “words seem to flow out of their mouths without them thinking about it.” Ford, the author of Lies! Lies!! Lies!!! The Psychology of Deceit, says that pathological liars may slide easily from the notion that something could have happened to the conviction that it did.

Think of what lying does for the liar, deceit as a means to an end.  And what end does Obama want most?  The passing of this immense and all-empowering tool for the government, the health care bill.  Don’t be fooled…..they don’t care about your health care, they want control and power over you and every other American.

To see a short video from Politico, with highlights from the summit, visit the following link, and see for yourself, the arrogance and lies:


If the link doesn’t seem to work, go to:


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Everyone knows it doesn’t snow in Texas……at least,  not in Houston, right?  Well…..apparently it does!

Believe me, I was just as shocked as everyone else.  I listen to the forecast, because, well……its just a good idea to know what is supposed to happen where you live when it comes to the weather.

I was pleasantly surprised that it actually did snow…..it is so pretty to watch, and it makes everything look so fresh and clean…..like a white blanket.

I’m not a stranger to snow…..but it is strange to experience snow here…..so, here are some pictures of me and my son…..reveling in the snow.

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I keep thinking that someday I will buy a vacation home somewhere in France or Italy.  Nothing fancy or big,  just something to settle into to really experience the people and culture of that area.  I know when you travel, the time flies so fast, you really don’t get to appreciate the surroundings and absorb everything with all the senses.

So, what would be better than to have a little place of your own in some medieval village, or just on the outskirts?  When I have the time, I like to browse foreign Real Estate sites, kind of like window shopping…..just looking to see what is available.  Recently I ran across these posts that…..well you have to read them (and see the pictures), to believe them.  It was just too funny and bizarre to me that there are actually homes available….with attached caves….should you need them.

The area I was looking at is called Poitou-Charentes, mid-western France.

Please read for yourself, and I hope you get as much laughs as I did.

Property type: House

Location: 8 km Aubeterre

Region: Poitou-Charentes

Habitable Space: Not Known

Summary: Nice old stone house, renovated. Plus little cottage to be restored

Property description

Nice old stone house, renovated.
Entrance, kitchen, dining room, sitting room with fireplace, bathroom, toilet, two bedrooms.
Possibility to make more rooms on first floor.
Barn attached to the main house, cave and garage.
Very nice garden of 5800 M2, fantastic views, very quiet location.
Near a little cottage to be restored.

Nice views, very quietly situated.

Price= 212,000 euros, or about $288,500.00…….wow, that’s kind of pricey…..do you suppose it is because of the attached cave?  It has to be.

Well…..just what I was looking for…..a house with its own attached cave!  Just the place to keep all my bats!!!  (I’m not talking baseball….I’m talking about the flying and hang upside-down kind of bats).

Note that the habitable space is listed as unknown.….hmmmmmm.

Talk about getting a chuckle out of me after reading that, but to top things off, while searching further, I ran across this lovely home for sale:

Property type: Restoration project

Location: Nr Montrueil Bellay

Region: Poitou-Charentes

Département: Vienne 86

Habitable Space: 1 m2

Property description

A RESTORATION PROJECT WITH A DIFFERENCE….A SMALL COTTAGE WITH ITS OWN GALLERIED CAVE SYSTEM PLUS A FURTHER RUIN WHICH WOULD MAKE A LARGE HOUSE. All located in an attractive wine growing village, just south of the famous and ancient château-town of Montreuil-Bellay.

The ruin, dating back to 16th Century, is located near to the entrance of the plot and its footprint would allow for a large two bedroom property. The existing cottage, located next to the escarpment, has already been partly refurbished and comprises a large room (sejour) on the ground floor and a good size room (mezzanine bedroom) and bathroom on the 1st Floor. This property has a new room and has already been insulated and dry-lined on the 1st Floor. Mains water and electricity are already available in this property.

The cave system is linked to the wine growing industry and also an old escape route for the local château. It has a large number of rooms and galleries, which not only provide for great storage space but also the opportunity to create some unusual accommodation.

The whole village is steeped in history and no more so than this property where relics of the past continue to this day, including stone carvings dating back to the mid 1700s.

Wow…..and all this is available for only €92,020  or just over $125,000!

This is an even better deal…..with all those caves and ruins….just the place to keep all my vampire friends!  Hahahahaha!

Talk about die laughing…..this just about did it for me.  Oh, I think I will just keep browsing.

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Congressman Darrell Issa (R) of California, released a report yesterday showing a link between Acorn, the Labor Union SEIU, and Barak Obama.

Why is this news?  Well, it reveals a criminal conspiracy.  Why is that?  Well, it is ok for Labor Unions to be involved and have an affect on elections, BUT it is NOT ok for labor unions to conspire with non-profits to change the outcome of an election in favor of the democrat of their choice.   This report claims the SEIU and Acorn had agreements between them.  It is NOT ok to use charity money, bank money, and Federal Government money that is intended to do community development work, but instead use it to change the outcome of an election.  This is simply prohibited.

Will anything be done about this?  Will there be consequences for Obama?  Will  main-stream media even report about this newly released information?

To read the complete report, please copy and paste this link into your browser:

Click to access 20100218followthemoneyacornseiuandtheirpoliticalallies.pdf

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Watch out for the VAT tax!

He commented today on Fox News that politicians are seriously considering starting the “VAT” tax here in the U.S.

So….what is a VAT tax? It is a “Value Added Tax”, which according to Mr. Forbes, it is basically a “super sales tax” that is embedded in the price you pay for consumer goods/items.  The people will end up blaming the merchant and not the politicians…..thus the reason they believe this would be good.  It is a way to grow big government, at the expense of even the poorest people.

Currently, the VAT tax is utilized in Europe, and its tax rate is between 20 to 25%.

Everything I have read about the VAT tax is not good.  If you wish to find out much more about it….please check out this link:


The current administration is trying every thing they can to expand the government….to the point of no return.

We must stop the insanity of “spend, spend, spend”, and return to fiscal responsibility.

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I’m going to go out and play.

Why don’t more people enjoy the day?  I just don’t get it.  When I was a kid……I would go outside whenever possible…..didn’t matter what the weather was….just being out in the open, alone, in the clean air…..total silence….was like dying and going to heaven.

I guess the world became too congested and complicated.

I’m one of those “weird” people who actually likes being alone.  I’ve noticed that I become a real bitch to deal with when I don’t get my “alone” time.  When I am bombarded with people, technology….it really wears on my soul.  I have to get away….and be alone.

The sad thing is…….. it is only going to get worse (especially with all the influx of illegals….popping out babies like there is no tomorrow).  Well, that is another thing to discuss at a later time.

So…..go enjoy the day….alone or not.

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Well well…..it seems that the two hard-heads can’t seem to compromise.   Does that surprise anyone?  I doubt it…poor Obama…..so used to getting his way, can’t seem to accept the fact that “you can’t always get what you want“.    And Pelosi?  well…..one look at her and you know she is used to getting what she wants too  (I’m sure she has her own evil ways of wheeling and dealing).   Getting a little off subject here…..when watching Pelosi…….I often wonder, what concoction of drugs is she on?…..then I wonder, how did she get elected?…..then I remember, oh yeah….she’s from the Cali state of messed up abbey- normals.

Back to the article…….oh, Karma is such a glorious thing….(wait that isn’t in there), but what the heck…..it is wonderful and shows that there must be some kind of justice in this corrupt world.

Yes, Obama and his administration will  get what they deserve.  They just haven’t figured out that you can’t force the American people to go along with their agenda…..no hard-core Chicago politics are going to help here…..quit trying to be elitists…..you work for us!

So…..I dedicate this song to the current administration running the country…..(yes the Obamarammas and the Chicago thugs).

No You Don\’t! by Nine Inch Nails

smiling in their faces
while filling up the hole
so many dirty little places
in your filthy little worn out
broken down see through soul

baby’s got a problem
tries so hard to hide
got to keep it on the surface
because everything else is dead on the other side

teeth in the necks of everyone you know
you can keep on sucking until the blood won’t flow
when it starts to hurt it only helps it grow
taking all you need
(but not this time)
no, you don’t

and just for the record
just so you know
I did not believe
that you could sink so low

you think that you can beat them
I know that you won’t
you think you have everything
but no, you don’t

no, you don’t
no, you don’t
no, you don’t
no, you don’t

The NO, YOU DON’T LYRICS are the property of the respective authors, artists and labels, the lyrics are provided for educational purposes only , If you like the song, please buy relative CD to support Nine Inch Nails.

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via Former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder Calls for White House Staff Shake-Up — Politics Daily.

Not only do they NOT have sufficient experience at governing at the executive branch level…..many in the administration do NOT have experience at running a small business, or any business for that matter!  Because of their lack of “Real Life” experience in this…..they can’t possibly know how to run this country!

Wake up ideologues……snap out of your little world…..this is real…..people suffering, worried about their next meal, worried about their house, their family, their children….and most of all….NOT having a job to provide for themselves!!!!!

At least Bush didn’t have “parties” every week in the White House, and invite his friends on the peoples tax dollars.   He also didn’t take to jet setting to New York for “date night” with his wife.  If I recall…..they would spend their time at their own place in  Crawford Texas…..whenever possible.

This President is living the good life, golfing whenever he feels, and partying it up…..because HE DOESNT HAVE TO PAY FOR any of it!!…..well…..I don’t appreciate his activities…..at my expense (or anyone else’s).

Now a personal note to the President:

Oh…..what’s that?  Oh yes…..it is something that you are entitled to?  Oh well, did I forget to mention that I am also entitled to keep that which I work hard for!!!!  I prefer to give/donate to the charities of my own choice thank you……and I hate to break this to you….but I don’t want to give my money to you to do whatever the hell you want…..it is just THAT SIMPLE.

The other thing is you and your minions DO NOT give “real citizens” the credit they deserve as far as being informed AND educated.  Just because ol’ Joe little-town-blow doesn’t have an Ivy League education…..doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand what is going on here.

We Americans understand that the Arrogance is oozing from Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi , Harry Reid, and Tim Geithner…..and all the others in this administration.

Watch out….because your little “community organizations” such as Acorn will NOT  be able to falsify your votes the next time around.

Looking forward to the 2010 elections…..

Proof of Aliens on earth?......hmmmm

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FOXNews.com – Geithner: No Risk to U.S. Credit Rating

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