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Dear Santa,

I am SO not in the mood for Christmas. I’m in a deep blue funk and can’t seem to get out of it. I even tried watching “A Christmas Story”, the classic which is played every year (with little Ralph Parker, 1983), but still I was not able to shake off my lingering gloom.
It doesn’t help that the temperature has once again dropped to minus degrees, which tends to make me want to act like a hibernating bear and stay put in the house. The dreaded long winter here is looming on my mind, making me wonder, “will I gain another five or ten pounds again this year?”. By the way, I really wish they would hurry up and invent that miracle “fat burning pill”.

I forced myself to make my homemade salsa to give to co-workers and friends. Something I usually like doing.

Maybe I am subconsciously worried about the crazy Mayan prediction that is just a few days away. If they are right, I am going to be sooooo perturbed, as I am scheduled to get out of this place which is colder than a penguin’s derriere, for about a week. I REALLY need this break away as it is so dry here, I also feel like an itchy bear cub. All these things compounding the urgency for some relief from the constant cold.
Why the hell did I move here? Oh, yeah, a job. That is a whole other story.

If I don’t get my “fun time” in some warmth….I will really get bitchy (and I will probably look and act like a grumpy bear).

No wonder people here get “cabin fever”, where they go stir crazy from being inside and it is dark all the time. I see those “lamps” for sale, to help people with this weird condition (to try and keep the insanity at bay). I guess they work.

I could really use some of that “global warming” here…that would help with my sanity. Not too much though, as I moved from “hell”, where it was hot ALL the time.

I need a happy medium please. That is all I am asking for (well, that and please don’t let the world end on December 21st).

Yours Truly,

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I used to love Christmas.  It is not my favorite holiday; it has always been second behind Halloween for me.  But anyways, my “scroogeness” has been a slow process that has happened over the years.

Let me explain.  Years ago, I would get all excited, and had tons of outdoor decorations, along with tons of indoor decorations.  You know, when it takes days (possibly a week), to get everything decorated properly.

But I found that each year, I would put up less and less decorations.  I would tell myself, “oh, well I’m just so busy”, what can people expect?

I noticed that my family started to not want to help put up the decorations.  It became like a chore to get everyone involved and to help me.

The past few years, have been pathetic.  Basically my son is grown; he didn’t want to help anymore.  And my husband told me, “I’m not putting lights outside”, “If you want them, do it yourself.”  Well, that just did it for me.

I refuse to be the lone “worker elf” when it came to decorating for Christmas.

So, two years ago, we managed to get a tree up with some lights.  But the poor tree only had four or five ornaments on it.  I don’t know if a tree got put up last  year, as I wasn’t home for Christmas.

I guess Christmas is really for children, and that is the only reason to make such a big deal with the decorations, to make it special for them.

It is kind of sad that I am such a scrooge now.  Every year, when they start putting the Christmas decorations out at the stores, I say to myself, “Christmas, I’m not ready for it!”  And there isn’t any desire to decorate anymore.

The only tradition I keep now, is picking out a name or a child from the Salvation Army’s give a gift for a needy person (someone who wouldn’t get anything otherwise).

The only other thing I do like is cooking lots of good food.

Oh well, I know there are plenty of people out there with Christmas cheer to spread around, and thank goodness for that, as I just don’t have it in me anymore.

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May you be happy and at peace….. from Koko, (the humble dog)

May you be blessed with much food and merriment ….from Pokey (the gluttonous cat),

Avoid all grinches in your life…..from Meiko (the grinch)

 Enjoy life to the fullest!……

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