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Check out this cool short story….

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Before he became famous for being the creator of “The Simpsons”, Matt Groening wrote “Life in Hell”, which was a weekly comic that was published from 1977 to 2012. The strip featured anthropomorphic rabbits and a gay couple. Groening used these characters to explore a wide range of topics about love, sex, work, and death. The comics also expressed angst, alienation, self-loathing, and fear of inevitable doom (oh, how appropriate to post this today, when the world is going to end).

Wanting to improve on my poetic skills, I found this hilarious “guide” he wrote about how to be a sensitive poet.

My favorite things in this guide are the suggested subjects to write about, specifically “tree stumps”, and the writing prompts, especially the one, “On the lonely cliff I loiter”. I giggle everytime I see that.

A truly amazing thing is I found a poem that is really good, and it has tree stumps in it. You can check it out here: http://thebatamonblog.wordpress.com/ How funny is that?

I can tell, I’m going to write some awesome poems by utilizing these nifty tips. Let me know if they help you with your poetry writing.


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Hold my heart with care
It is fragile

Hold it close to your heart
Let them beat en masse

An affirmation of life
How long will they beat?

It is despairing to me
As I realize it won’t last

Let us enjoy this time
This moment together

Nothing else matters

The world may end today
Or tomorrow…who knows?

No one knows
Only God knows

He keeps his secrets well

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One of my guy friends made my day. I found this message on my facebook,

“You’re very Pretty, smart and fun so don’t settle for less than the best!!!!”

Don’t be afraid to compliment someone, as they just might need it, especially now that the holidays are just around the corner.


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I used to love Christmas.  It is not my favorite holiday; it has always been second behind Halloween for me.  But anyways, my “scroogeness” has been a slow process that has happened over the years.

Let me explain.  Years ago, I would get all excited, and had tons of outdoor decorations, along with tons of indoor decorations.  You know, when it takes days (possibly a week), to get everything decorated properly.

But I found that each year, I would put up less and less decorations.  I would tell myself, “oh, well I’m just so busy”, what can people expect?

I noticed that my family started to not want to help put up the decorations.  It became like a chore to get everyone involved and to help me.

The past few years, have been pathetic.  Basically my son is grown; he didn’t want to help anymore.  And my husband told me, “I’m not putting lights outside”, “If you want them, do it yourself.”  Well, that just did it for me.

I refuse to be the lone “worker elf” when it came to decorating for Christmas.

So, two years ago, we managed to get a tree up with some lights.  But the poor tree only had four or five ornaments on it.  I don’t know if a tree got put up last  year, as I wasn’t home for Christmas.

I guess Christmas is really for children, and that is the only reason to make such a big deal with the decorations, to make it special for them.

It is kind of sad that I am such a scrooge now.  Every year, when they start putting the Christmas decorations out at the stores, I say to myself, “Christmas, I’m not ready for it!”  And there isn’t any desire to decorate anymore.

The only tradition I keep now, is picking out a name or a child from the Salvation Army’s give a gift for a needy person (someone who wouldn’t get anything otherwise).

The only other thing I do like is cooking lots of good food.

Oh well, I know there are plenty of people out there with Christmas cheer to spread around, and thank goodness for that, as I just don’t have it in me anymore.

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So, What is the problem?

I mean….what are you scared of? Liberty, Freedom? The Pursuit of happiness? I mean really….you would think this country is ashamed of these long-life liberties that are ordained to each and every one of us!

If you listen to what Obama and the democrats say….making a profit is bad. Someone making a profit, utilizing the free enterprise system. Why is it so bad? To make profits, and succeed? I just do not understand their logic.

That is what separates us from the REST OF THE WORLD. Think of it. We allow people to start up a small business, and with capitalism…the result is growth! What is better than growing a business and expanding? How do you think McDonald’s or Wendy’s grew to be such a huge success? By expanding and growing to other states, and even expanding to other countries!

Do not be fooled by those who try to scare you into subservience…..yes…you do not want to owe ANYTHING TO ANYONE. Trust me….I know.

Be self-sufficient…and fight for what is right. You will appreciate yourself in the end.


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Matt…..wearing funky glasses.

I am so proud of my son….he had at least 20 college hours credit when he graduated from High School. But besides that….he had people who looked up to him.

Here is a poem that an undergraduate wrote to him…..as a senior in High School….it shows how he was looked up to as a person. It makes me proud to know that he had such a great influence on someone elses’ world.

Dear MO,

Its’s been great

you helped me out

When I swam an eight

I started to pout

But you stopped me

Because you know us best

You taught me

That I matter to West

You have rare traits

Motivation, Determination, Kindness

Girls ask you for many dates

Your’re really mindless

High in your class

It won’t be the same

When high-school you pass

Leave us behind; to fame

To a girl with priss

Fame is what you get; to you only a game

How much of us do you miss?

You won’t see me win

STATE with a ten

The parties, the girls, don’t mean much

You drop all those things and see me push?

The LIMITS, the BOUNDARIES, the CAGE in I live

You be richer than George Bush

100% effort you give

How much stronger can you get?

With this level of fit

Work every bit

Your shoes always chill

Always in style

I’m glad I don’t pay that bill

A huge money pile

There’s so much more to say

When I’m tall I’ll be in an ice-bay

You doing real good

Staying alive

Eat lotta food

Shoe-size 2five

Never a mistake

Staying so quiet

You’re no fake

What Others try to take

Only what’s yours

Take a stick slaughter them all

Just a joke, but I’m keeping scores

Hard-style is better than Dub

Only a G could make such noise

Don’t go in a pub

When hanging with your boys

Or get a face rub

On a police car

The world is your toy

This is the many decades of MO

Not a year of Roy

I’ll cry when you go

Always Thankfully Mantis.

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