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Lately, my son has been telling me about his weird dreams. I like to listen to him, as well, I can never remember my dreams.

Here’s his from last night.

The Infamous Game

I was home alone, and I could see this old guy and some teenagers outside the house, and I could tell they were going to break in.

Then it changes to I’m sitting on the bench outside the house and talking to one of the guys, who has a gun….then he tells me “I’m gonna kill you now” So, I ask him if I can go check something over in the yard, and he says ok. So I go and set a C-4 to kill them. I get back to the house, and set it off, using my cell phone, but it doesn’t kill them……. but it worked as a distraction. So I decide to run to Austin’s house (a friend who lives three houses away), I get there and see his dad walking around the house with only a speedo on, and he’s walking around really funny, like it is giving him a wedgie. So, I think to myself, “no, I’m not going in there.”

Speedos for Jesus

I remember that dad gave me a survival kit with a gun in it, so I go back home, find the gun and kill the old guy.

This is what C-4 explosives look like

The dream ends there.

So, some background info now. My son is a swimmer, and he wears speedos, so we’re guessing that is why someone in his dream had a speedo on….even though it was a neighbor. That gave us a good chuckle.

I asked him, “What is a C-4?”, because I have no idea what that is. It’s an explosive..…..I’m not up on all the names of explosives etc. but my son is, because he plays Modern Warfare II, and apparently he utilizes various guns and explosives in that game. So this is the reason he used an explosive in his dream.

He told me it was really a cool dream as he was being all “James Bond” like. I’m laughing to myself now. Oh the mind of a teenage boy!

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Third place goes to Greece:

Second place goes to Serbia:

And the winner of husband of the year is!……..Ireland!:

Aahhh…..the Irish are true romantics!  Look, he’s even holding her hand!

Runner ups…….

And now I leave this funny quote:

LADY ASTOR:  “If you were my husband, Winston, I’d put poison in your tea.”  WINSTON CHURCHILL:  “If I were your husband, Nancy, I’d drink it”

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