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I’m fortunate to have a lot of wildlife around me, even though I live on the outskirts of a large city.  There are several herds of deer that live in my neighborhood, and one morning, I looked out my window and was delighted to see not one, but three little fawns (feasting on my plants…lol, oh well, how can I have a grudge against these little babies?).  I hope you enjoy the photos!



Always timid



Oh dainty doe

You are so graceful

Quietly wandering to and fro

Sometimes you rest under the trees, finding a dry spot from the rain

Waiting out the storm, so that you may continue your plight

The constant quest for food

You are so pleasant to gaze upon

A reminder of all that is ephemeral

One should delight in your presence

And never take for granted

The innocence you bring to the world.

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I suspect we will get more rain from the far-reaching “arms” of hurricane Alex.  I thought it was pretty though…..I like the rain.  I like how it makes everything so much greener, and how it smells after the rain.

Looking out at the back yard.....raining hard.

Now it is really coming down.

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Have you ever seen a sign and thought to  yourself, “that is just too funny, or weird, or disturbing”?  I am one of those people who takes pictures of things that strike me as bizarre (typically it is a sign).

Here are a few of my favorites……..

This was on the campus where I went to college. I think it is both funny and disturbing.

 The strange thing is there were many park benches thoughout the campus….enticing one to sit and possibly become a target for these “predators”.

While walking along in New Orleans, I spotted this.

I have no idea what kind of store or establishment this is….the “no drugs”…..now I’m thinking I should have checked it out.

Clever advertising.....also in New Orleans.


Tiny Terrors.....how funny.

I just love the vulture in this last one.  Do you think if you bought a gift from this store and gave it to a friend (for their kid), that they would be offended?

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