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So, My son is way far away attending College. I ask him for a Christmas list, and I finally get this e-mail from him:

Hey Madre!

Sorry for getting this to you so late. I’ve been kinda somewhat busy studying for finals and murderizing zombies with my bros here, haha. I know Christmas is fast upon us so I figure it’s about time I send you some stuff I want. Here’s what I would consider to be a modest list of assorted items I want. However, in reality, it’s not so modest:

DJ controller:




(I’ll note that I’ve showed Padre some of these things and I’m not entirely sure what he is or is not getting me yet. I have not told anyone such as Grandma what I want, but I’ll make sure to keep items on your list separate from theirs. Except maybe the dj controller, that thing’s 500 bucks. Perhaps you can collaborate with Padre or someone to make it happen. Love ya)

This shirt in Navy:


(The story behind the shirt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoQUR0Lun6U )

And maybe this just for the fun of it:


More food gift cards are always nice as well!!!

Much love,

Your son ūüôā

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Matt…..wearing funky glasses.

I am so proud of my son….he had at least 20 college hours credit when he graduated from High School. But besides that….he had people who looked up to him.

Here is a poem that an undergraduate wrote to him…..as a senior in High School….it shows how he was looked up to as a person. It makes me proud to know that he had such a great influence on someone elses’ world.

Dear MO,

Its’s been great

you helped me out

When I swam an eight

I started to pout

But you stopped me

Because you know us best

You taught me

That I matter to West

You have rare traits

Motivation, Determination, Kindness

Girls ask you for many dates

Your’re really mindless

High in your class

It won’t be the same

When high-school you pass

Leave us behind; to fame

To a girl with priss

Fame is what you get; to you only a game

How much of us do you miss?

You won’t see me win

STATE with a ten

The parties, the girls, don’t mean much

You drop all those things and see me push?

The LIMITS, the BOUNDARIES, the CAGE in I live

You be richer than George Bush

100% effort you give

How much stronger can you get?

With this level of fit

Work every bit

Your shoes always chill

Always in style

I’m glad I don’t pay that bill

A huge money pile

There’s so much more to say

When I’m tall I’ll be in an ice-bay

You doing real good

Staying alive

Eat lotta food

Shoe-size 2five

Never a mistake

Staying so quiet

You’re no fake

What Others try to take

Only what’s yours

Take a stick slaughter them all

Just a joke, but I’m keeping scores

Hard-style is better than Dub

Only a G could make such noise

Don’t go in a pub

When hanging with your boys

Or get a face rub

On a police car

The world is your toy

This is the many decades of MO

Not a year of Roy

I’ll cry when you go

Always Thankfully Mantis.

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While reading the latest news about the three Americans, Shane Bauer, Josh Fattal, and Sarah Shourd, I can’t help but think, “Where was their common sense”?¬† Yes…common sense, defined as good judgment: sound practical judgment derived from experience rather than study.

courtesy photo

All three graduated from U.C. Berkley in California: Shane’s degree is in “Peace and Conflict Studies”, Josh’s degree, “Environmental Economics and Policy”, and he taught “sustainable living skills”, and Sarah’s, I’m not sure, but must be teaching, as she was teaching “English” while living in Damascus.

What do these degrees teach people about the real world? They all had ideals about how the world should be, peaceful, with human rights, everyone living in harmony, and so on.¬† That all sounds fine and dandy….but unfortunately, that’s just not how it is.

I find myself wondering about how they were raised…..by hippies?¬† That is kind of how it sounds to me.¬† Raised by parents who told them they could change the world, make it a better place.¬† Again, that sounds great too, but you also have to teach¬† naive young people, that there are some things that cannot be changed so well.

A great example, look at the radical Muslims.¬† We have been in a battle with a culture that has lived the same way for eons.¬† They don’t want change, they believe our liberties and our way of life is evil.¬†¬† They are taught to destroy the infidel.

Did they ever watch the news?¬† Everyday there is something about people getting caught in these radical backwards countries (like Iran, North Korea), and anyone with any common sense can figure out, those aren’t the best places to “wander” around in, no matter how good your intentions are.

Side note: I know people who NEVER watch the news….because in their words, “It is too depressing”.¬† How lame is that?

Do I feel bad for them?¬† Of course I do.¬† But please, there is something to be learned from this:¬† There are evil people in the world, who don’t care about freedom, rights, personal rights, or justice. Use your common sense (and maybe watch the news every once in awhile).

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Have you ever seen a sign and thought to¬† yourself, “that is just too funny, or weird, or disturbing”?¬† I am one of those people who takes pictures of things that strike me as bizarre (typically it is a sign).

Here are a few of my favorites……..

This was on the campus where I went to college. I think it is both funny and disturbing.

¬†The strange thing is there were many park benches thoughout the campus….enticing one to sit and possibly become a target for these “predators”.

While walking along in New Orleans, I spotted this.

I have no idea what kind of store or establishment this is….the “no drugs”…..now I’m thinking I should have checked it out.

Clever advertising.....also in New Orleans.


Tiny Terrors.....how funny.

I just love the vulture in this last one.  Do you think if you bought a gift from this store and gave it to a friend (for their kid), that they would be offended?

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