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I’m fortunate to have a lot of wildlife around me, even though I live on the outskirts of a large city.  There are several herds of deer that live in my neighborhood, and one morning, I looked out my window and was delighted to see not one, but three little fawns (feasting on my plants…lol, oh well, how can I have a grudge against these little babies?).  I hope you enjoy the photos!



Always timid



Oh dainty doe

You are so graceful

Quietly wandering to and fro

Sometimes you rest under the trees, finding a dry spot from the rain

Waiting out the storm, so that you may continue your plight

The constant quest for food

You are so pleasant to gaze upon

A reminder of all that is ephemeral

One should delight in your presence

And never take for granted

The innocence you bring to the world.


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I suspect we will get more rain from the far-reaching “arms” of hurricane Alex.  I thought it was pretty though…..I like the rain.  I like how it makes everything so much greener, and how it smells after the rain.

Looking out at the back yard.....raining hard.

Now it is really coming down.

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Have you ever seen a sign and thought to  yourself, “that is just too funny, or weird, or disturbing”?  I am one of those people who takes pictures of things that strike me as bizarre (typically it is a sign).

Here are a few of my favorites……..

This was on the campus where I went to college. I think it is both funny and disturbing.

 The strange thing is there were many park benches thoughout the campus….enticing one to sit and possibly become a target for these “predators”.

While walking along in New Orleans, I spotted this.

I have no idea what kind of store or establishment this is….the “no drugs”…..now I’m thinking I should have checked it out.

Clever advertising.....also in New Orleans.


Tiny Terrors.....how funny.

I just love the vulture in this last one.  Do you think if you bought a gift from this store and gave it to a friend (for their kid), that they would be offended?

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In late 2008, a couple from South Africa crossed the Atlantic aboard the beautiful Queen Mary 2  alongside the Queen Elizabeth 2nd’s maiden voyage.  While taking pictures of the QE2’s historic crossing, their camera slipped and disappeared into the deep blue sea.

In January of this year, fifteen months after the camera was lost, a fisherman trawling the ocean floor found the camera in his fishing net. The camera was inoperable but the memory card and photos were intact.

The fisherman viewed the photos, which included a picture of a woman standing on the deck of a ship with the QE2 at sea in the background. The fisherman contacted the BBC, where a correspondent determined that the passengers had been aboard the Queen Mary 2.

Cunard Cruise Lines  was notified and they were  able to identify and locate the couple, and reunite them with their photos,which were  plucked from the bottom of the sea.

I read this story and thought….wow…that is so cool!

Needed to post something positive….before I go on “spring break”….so if I don’t post anything for a few days….well, I’m trying to either, relax, discover, experience, vegitate, forget, pretend, gamble, laugh, relax again, hurry because i’m late for something, hike, observe, enjoy, and finally relax again before going back to reality and work.


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So, I happened to see the news about the “air traffic” mishap of allowing a child to direct traffic, and that made me think of when I (not as young as the child in todays news), as a teenager, somehow got permission to go into the air traffic tower to take pictures for my high school photography class.

I’m trying to figure out exactly how I did that, because as I recall  it wasn’t really a big deal back then.   I called up the “tower” and said, “Hey, I would like to come out and take pictures from the tower for a photo project”, and I believe the controller just said, “Sure, stop on by”.

Bear in mind, I didn’t get to do any cool stuff like “direct traffic”, but I remember thinking….wow, they’re going to let me hang out up there and see a view not many people get to experience.   I seem to recall they said I could drop by anytime too.

So anyway, when you take a photography class (like darkroom development in the old days…this was that kind), there were several assignments such as shooting a photogram, a live animal, scenery, still life, action (freeze), action (pan), a building, formal portrait, sunset or sunrise, and finally what this one was for, a night scene.  It was a very interesting class, and I had fun getting  “subjects” for my assignments.  Surprisingly, I found out most people were more than willing to comply.

I bet that child will have good memories….as long as her dad doesn’t get in too much trouble.

So, here are my old photos that I took  from the Air traffic tower in Anchorage, Ak.   Enjoy.

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