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I know it has been awhile since I have posted…..sorry.  Anyway, life seems to find a way to throw a curve, and mess everything up, as I have been too busy to post here lately. So, I finally found a moment or two to do a quick post. You may or may not know, I like interesting or bizarre signs, so I found some to entertain you…..I believe…..check it out.

Beware of your head: Yes, I know…..I can’t trust it!


Carefully bang head: Yes, I will try….


Well of course I want some fresh crap!

dreaming grass

Please don’t disturb the dreaming grass!

evil trash

Poisionous and evil rubbish……of course it is!  Eewwwwww!


I’m all for lions protecting us……I’m a leo myself!

price of goods

*#!)& the certain price of goods……inflation sucks…..speaks for itself.


Well, they have to eat too……

Well, I hope you had as much fun reading these unfortunate mistranslations.  I know I did!, feel free to share any

bizarre signs you have read lately.


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In the quest to be perfect and gorgeous, the beauty industry keeps pushing the envelope, by coming up with even more bizarre products for women to spend money on and “try” to achieve perfection.



The company, Allergan has discovered that the same formula that is in an eye drop that is used to treat glaucoma, has the side effect of providing long thick eyelashes.

To have these wonderful lush lashes will cost you $120 per month, or about $4 per day. And since women spend roughly $5 billion a year on mascara….this is the biggest thing in the beauty world since Botox!


What is the name of this wonderful new product? “Latisse.”


Here is a funny foreign advertisement  for  “fake lashes”:


What?  Eyes  have God????



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So, I found this old advertisement for “vitamins”, that gave housewives “super energy”………. and it it hilarious.

I’m thinking, “I need those vitamins”, as it seems I just don’t have the energy to  “shampoo the carpet, give the dog a bath, clean out the garage, go through all the closets and get rid of extra “stuff”, clean the baseboards, dust the lamps and fans, weed the flower gardens….all that besides the everyday stuff of cooking, cleaning, laundry,and basic pick up and put away things that everyone else didn’t put away.”

Oh....the good ol' days!

What do you suppose was in those vitamins?  I’m sure today they are “illegal”…..oh well.

Any thoughts?



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I believe the following should be evidence enough to close the debate about allowing or NOT allowing Sharia Law to be practiced in the U.S.


Here is a pictorial which shows the difference between a Muslim Country and the United States.


A typical scene in the U.S. :




A typical scene in a Muslim country:



Now, I know men are “visual” animals by nature, so…..if you think about it, do you really want American women to be walking around like this?


France Today....the Muslim population is growing and taking over Europe.

Yeah…..NO, just as I thought.  Of course you don’t want that to happen here!


Honestly, I don’t believe American women would allow that either.  Why? Well, as any man knows, we love our clothes and shoes, and all the accessories that goes along with our wardrobe.


We refuse to be subject to the following limited choices:


Any thoughts?



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A pilot program in Tanzania, is currently using trained giant rats to sniff human sputum samples to detect Tuberculosis (TB). This is a contagious and potentially fatal disease that can affect almost any part of the body but manifests mainly as an infection of the lungs.

Photo by: Boston Globe

These giant rats are said to have improved disease detection by 44 percent, as they find TB that is not detected by conventional testing.

According to the World Health Organization, TB can be difficult to detect under the microscope, and estimates are that 2 billion people around the world are infected with it.

Rat sniffing out landmines photo from boingboing.net

Besides being able to detect TB, these rodents are also good at detecting land mines. In the full article, it is stated that, “Whatever dogs can detect, rats can detect equally well, a rat can be trained for one-fifth the cost. They’re more calm than most small animals, very intelligent and social, and they love humans.”

To find out more about the research utilizing rats: Apopo

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I keep thinking that someday I will buy a vacation home somewhere in France or Italy.  Nothing fancy or big,  just something to settle into to really experience the people and culture of that area.  I know when you travel, the time flies so fast, you really don’t get to appreciate the surroundings and absorb everything with all the senses.

So, what would be better than to have a little place of your own in some medieval village, or just on the outskirts?  When I have the time, I like to browse foreign Real Estate sites, kind of like window shopping…..just looking to see what is available.  Recently I ran across these posts that…..well you have to read them (and see the pictures), to believe them.  It was just too funny and bizarre to me that there are actually homes available….with attached caves….should you need them.

The area I was looking at is called Poitou-Charentes, mid-western France.

Please read for yourself, and I hope you get as much laughs as I did.

Property type: House

Location: 8 km Aubeterre

Region: Poitou-Charentes

Habitable Space: Not Known

Summary: Nice old stone house, renovated. Plus little cottage to be restored

Property description

Nice old stone house, renovated.
Entrance, kitchen, dining room, sitting room with fireplace, bathroom, toilet, two bedrooms.
Possibility to make more rooms on first floor.
Barn attached to the main house, cave and garage.
Very nice garden of 5800 M2, fantastic views, very quiet location.
Near a little cottage to be restored.

Nice views, very quietly situated.

Price= 212,000 euros, or about $288,500.00…….wow, that’s kind of pricey…..do you suppose it is because of the attached cave?  It has to be.

Well…..just what I was looking for…..a house with its own attached cave!  Just the place to keep all my bats!!!  (I’m not talking baseball….I’m talking about the flying and hang upside-down kind of bats).

Note that the habitable space is listed as unknown.….hmmmmmm.

Talk about getting a chuckle out of me after reading that, but to top things off, while searching further, I ran across this lovely home for sale:

Property type: Restoration project

Location: Nr Montrueil Bellay

Region: Poitou-Charentes

Département: Vienne 86

Habitable Space: 1 m2

Property description

A RESTORATION PROJECT WITH A DIFFERENCE….A SMALL COTTAGE WITH ITS OWN GALLERIED CAVE SYSTEM PLUS A FURTHER RUIN WHICH WOULD MAKE A LARGE HOUSE. All located in an attractive wine growing village, just south of the famous and ancient château-town of Montreuil-Bellay.

The ruin, dating back to 16th Century, is located near to the entrance of the plot and its footprint would allow for a large two bedroom property. The existing cottage, located next to the escarpment, has already been partly refurbished and comprises a large room (sejour) on the ground floor and a good size room (mezzanine bedroom) and bathroom on the 1st Floor. This property has a new room and has already been insulated and dry-lined on the 1st Floor. Mains water and electricity are already available in this property.

The cave system is linked to the wine growing industry and also an old escape route for the local château. It has a large number of rooms and galleries, which not only provide for great storage space but also the opportunity to create some unusual accommodation.

The whole village is steeped in history and no more so than this property where relics of the past continue to this day, including stone carvings dating back to the mid 1700s.

Wow…..and all this is available for only €92,020  or just over $125,000!

This is an even better deal…..with all those caves and ruins….just the place to keep all my vampire friends!  Hahahahaha!

Talk about die laughing…..this just about did it for me.  Oh, I think I will just keep browsing.

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