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Nacho, Nacho, ….when I hear your name….I want to tango
You have the look
The look of a lovely boy toy
If I could remember my dreams
I’m sure you would be in them
You are the master of polo
And quite an exquisite fellow
Oh the magnificent life you have
From humble beginnings
You have reached the zenith in life
Time will pass and beauty will fade
But you will endure
As that stunning polo player…..Nacho

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“By definition, a government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more. ”
~Albert Camus


As the vote for passing the notorious “health care bill” comes to a close…..it is quite clear that this quote is true, the government, or rather those in charge, do not have a conscience.  The obvious fraud, bribes, and behind the door deals shows the corruption that is alive and well within our government.

I believe the founding fathers are rolling in their graves.

con·science [ kónshənss ] (plural con·sciences)
1. sense of right and wrong: the sense of what is right and wrong that governs somebody’s thoughts and actions, urging him or her to do right rather than wrong
2. obedience to conscience: behavior according to what your sense of right and wrong tells you is right
3. shared moral viewpoint: a shared concern for moral issues


  • The Stranger; Novel: 1941, 1942, (English 1946)
  • The Myth of Sisyphus; Essay: 1942, (English 1955)
  • The Misunderstanding; 1943
  • Cross Purpose; Play: 1944
  • Caligula; Play: 1944
  • The Plague; Novel: 1947
  • State of Siege; Play: 1948, (English 1958)
  • The Just Assassins; Play: 1950
  • The Rebel; Essay: 1951
  • The Fall; Novel: 1956
  • Exile and the Kingdom; Short Stories: 1957
  • Resistance, Rebellion, and Death; Essays: 1960
  • A Happy Death; Novel: 1971
  • Youthful Writings; Essays: 1973

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In late 2008, a couple from South Africa crossed the Atlantic aboard the beautiful Queen Mary 2  alongside the Queen Elizabeth 2nd’s maiden voyage.  While taking pictures of the QE2’s historic crossing, their camera slipped and disappeared into the deep blue sea.

In January of this year, fifteen months after the camera was lost, a fisherman trawling the ocean floor found the camera in his fishing net. The camera was inoperable but the memory card and photos were intact.

The fisherman viewed the photos, which included a picture of a woman standing on the deck of a ship with the QE2 at sea in the background. The fisherman contacted the BBC, where a correspondent determined that the passengers had been aboard the Queen Mary 2.

Cunard Cruise Lines  was notified and they were  able to identify and locate the couple, and reunite them with their photos,which were  plucked from the bottom of the sea.

I read this story and thought….wow…that is so cool!

Needed to post something positive….before I go on “spring break”….so if I don’t post anything for a few days….well, I’m trying to either, relax, discover, experience, vegitate, forget, pretend, gamble, laugh, relax again, hurry because i’m late for something, hike, observe, enjoy, and finally relax again before going back to reality and work.


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I have  decided that my life has become too boring and mundane.  I suppose everyone goes through this feeling that “everyday is exactly the same”, and just how brutal it can be when you think to yourself, “This is it?”  Ok world, I didn’t sign up for this….life is supposed to be fun, exciting, full of surprises (the good kind, not the bad kind), and on and on……right?

So, I’ve been thinking that the perfect solution would be an angsty boyfriend…..and the reason, well, wouldn’t that just add some fresh new perspective, having someone who is almost, but not quite unstable into my life?  And the beauty would be because he is just my boyfriend, when I’m tired of his bizarre hatred of everything, and angsty mood…..well I can just tell him to go away.  In the mean time, wouldn’t it be a great way to put some “spice” into my life!

The long process of finding just the perfect angsty boyfriend.

It would be ideal if he would not be around all the time…..as I really don’t know how much “attitude” I can handle (me being the meek, and quiet type).  Even though I am reserved and quiet, I do enjoy alternative music, especially Nine Inch Nails.

I find that when I clean, or do boring housework…..well nothing helps me like listening to Trent Reznor screaming,

“I wake up
On the floor
Start it up again
Like it matters anymore
I don’t know
If it does
Is this really all
That there ever was?……

I feel a million miles away
I don’t feel any thing at all”

This is partial lyrics from his album, “The Slip”, released in 2008, song titled “million miles away”.


Album- The Slip


To listen to the song (a remix)…..just copy and paste the link below:


I like to daydream about being a million miles away on some Carribean Island, or in southern France….maybe in the Loire Valley….checking out all the Castles and great wine……hmmmm….yes.

The reason I decided that Mr. Reznor would be the perfect guy for this is because I enjoy his “tormented music” so much, and he travels a lot, so the issue of him being around all the time would be solved….(throw in some intermittent time of peace and quiet while he is gone).  Plus the benefits….. I would probably get to go to his concerts for free….even be a VIP and meet the band!

The other thing that really “sealed the deal” for me is the fact that he even has a song titled, “Every Day Is Exactly The Same”   This guy would have to understand the service he would be providing for me by changing my life so it would NOT be exactly the same!!!

To listen to this song, copy and paste this into your browser:


Other Reasons Mr. Reznor Would Be A Good Angsty Boyfriend.

Well, I did have to do some research….so here is what I found:

He Cleans.

Please note the toilet scrubber in his hand in this picture.   That is really a turn on  for me….a man who cleans, he is on the far left.

He has unusual fans.


I'm so excited!


He likes to play hide and seek.


I see you


I know this is kind of weird….a grown man who likes to play hide and seek….but I’m trying to have an open mind and realize that everyone has a quirky side to them.

He is not afraid to ask other men about fashion when shopping.


What do you think about these shoes?


And…..most of all….he is  Angsty.


"I'd rather die.....than give you control!"


Now I just have to convince my husband…..and Trent Reznor, that this would be a good idea.

Wish me luck.

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Obama is just partying it up…..with friends, celebrities, and musicians, such as  Rapper Jay-Z and Beyonce.  Yes that is Rapper Jay-Z and his entourage in the White House “Situation room”.

The Situation Room in the White House was reserved for national security meetings in previous administrations. Apparently in the Obama administration it’s used not only to map out campaign strategy, but for celebrity photo-ops as well:

Does anyone else believe that Obama doesn’t have a clue what he is doing?

Also, doesn’t this just ease your mind knowing that he is the one in charge of the United States?

UPDATE  June 4, 2010:  See this article about the partying.


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So, I happened to see the news about the “air traffic” mishap of allowing a child to direct traffic, and that made me think of when I (not as young as the child in todays news), as a teenager, somehow got permission to go into the air traffic tower to take pictures for my high school photography class.

I’m trying to figure out exactly how I did that, because as I recall  it wasn’t really a big deal back then.   I called up the “tower” and said, “Hey, I would like to come out and take pictures from the tower for a photo project”, and I believe the controller just said, “Sure, stop on by”.

Bear in mind, I didn’t get to do any cool stuff like “direct traffic”, but I remember thinking….wow, they’re going to let me hang out up there and see a view not many people get to experience.   I seem to recall they said I could drop by anytime too.

So anyway, when you take a photography class (like darkroom development in the old days…this was that kind), there were several assignments such as shooting a photogram, a live animal, scenery, still life, action (freeze), action (pan), a building, formal portrait, sunset or sunrise, and finally what this one was for, a night scene.  It was a very interesting class, and I had fun getting  “subjects” for my assignments.  Surprisingly, I found out most people were more than willing to comply.

I bet that child will have good memories….as long as her dad doesn’t get in too much trouble.

So, here are my old photos that I took  from the Air traffic tower in Anchorage, Ak.   Enjoy.

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The following comment is in response to an article with the same title  posted on Politico.  The comment  is by “Independent Moderate”, and I couldn’t agree more with him/her.

To read the full article, go to:


As I have stated before, I really believe Pelosi is on drugs…..major drugs….when I saw the clip of her with the ” Eensy, weensy spider; little teeny tiny” comment….It confirmed my suspicion.

Here’s “Independent Moderate’s” comment……it is priceless:

Eensy, weensy spider; little teeny tiny….WHAT! This woman is second in line for the President of the United States of America.   While you people on the left must be exhausted from engaging in the crucifixion of Sarah Palin, might you take a scintilla of that energy…a moment of your time… to take a real clear look at the Leader of the House? Who cares about Sarah Palin! She’s not even in elective office! Please, I am begging the good people of Northern California to have mercy on the rest of us. As long as this idiot (and I rarely resort to such disrespectful descriptions) was merely representing you, we were good. Now, she’s affecting us all. The next time you find yourselves in front of a voting machine, PLEASE push the button for anyone other than Nancy Pelosi.

Posted By: Independent Moderate | February 26, 2010 at 08:35 PM

Kudos to you Independent Moderate!  But just a FYI….Pelosi is actually third in line for the presidency….something would have to happen to good o’l Joe too.


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